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Name The Room
Category Puzzle
Version 1.08
Requires android Android 4.0
MOD Features Full Game
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A puzzle-solving experience delivered to players in a completely unique way ignites their curiosity as they experience The Room. Players will try to collect clues and items to progress in the game as well as the plot. At the same time, many objects will be reused by you many times to solve puzzles, and you need to observe the box to find the problem point. The game has also been tweaked to fit new devices and has a better visual experience.

A Mysterious Box in The Room

At the start of the game, the player will see a box appear in a completely dark environment, and only it stands out from the environment. So you will realize what your goal inside this game is and start taking the time to explore it. One outstanding feature that makes an impression on many players in The Room is the detailed design of the box. The box is entirely designed in detail and has many mechanisms that the player can interact with.

Players will not only see one side of the box but will also be able to rotate to see the other sides of it. It can be assured that there will be puzzles lying around the box, and you will need to care about the items you receive during the game to solve these puzzles. At the same time, you also do not need to worry too much about moving to collect items. The essentials have appeared around the box, and your job is to open the box.

Discovering the Null Element

The Room’s story appears in letters you find when dealing with the elements surrounding the box. Simultaneously, it is a letter written by a mysterious person who is considered to have discovered the box before. Over time, you will collect details and put them together, so do not ignore any element because the game also has completely mysterious elements waiting for you to discover. One of them can be mentioned, the Null element.

The Null element is the fifth element and has been known for its existence. Therefore, much research has taken place, and players also feel the unstable state of the writer of the information. However, this element needs to be fully exploited, and its properties are entirely invisible to the naked eye. Specifically, you will find a corresponding item to see this element and a unique element to solve the puzzle.

Unlock the Box

At the start of The Room, the player will receive a letter with the strange letter and a key. The key is used to open the box placed next to it, and it is also a way for the player to know the game mechanics. Specifically, players will unlock the item at the tutorial level, rotate the box, and start interacting with it to open the first elements like the Curious Eyepiece. As mentioned above, around that box are puzzles.

Your goal inside this game is entirely understandable: to open the box by interacting with the different elements surrounding the box. Specifically, at the bottom of the box, there will be one button: Fire. This is the first clue that you need to solve because it possesses a key that can open many locks that appear inside this game. The way to get it is straightforward; when you press it, the key will gradually reveal.

One point that this box brings difficulty to the player is the precision and smoothness of the player’s design. If you don’t observe, you won’t be able to see specific hints during the game. For example, after obtaining the universal key, you will see a rectangle and two squares on the face. A white area that signals the element next to it is draggable, revealing the hole to insert this key in.

Experience Various Boxes

Through the explanations above, you can see how challenging and exciting it can be. You’ll need to carefully observe all sides to find hints and find the elements needed to unlock it. At the same time, with the universal key that you own, it is essential to adjust the angle of the head that will be inserted into the socket because each drive will have a different hole shape, and you need to rotate this head correctly. In addition, during the game, do not forget to use the lens to identify Null.

Null appears a lot around and in the box. It is sometimes associated with some box puzzles and requires you to use wool to see these elements. At the same time, the sign of Null is as varied as a drawn symbol and associated with a rotatable element. You would turn on the lens and rotate it until the symbol shown by Null could become logically linked together. But opening the first box is just the beginning because there are many more boxes waiting.

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